print poetry at Iota Press


PrintPoetry is a series of 4.25 x 5″ folded cards, typeset by hand and letterpress-printed in small editions at Iota Press. Each issue features select works by poets from across time. The goal is to make poetry accessible at affordable prices, spread the beauty of letterpress printing, and put a poem in everyone’s pocket.

$3.00 each plus postage.

Contact us at with your order. We will confirm availability and postage. Payment can be made via PayPal (to


6 thoughts on “print poetry at Iota Press

  1. at Iota Press,
    1. Chandler & Price 8 x 12 platen press ca. 1913. Foot treadle powered.
    2. Schniedewend & Lee 7 x 11 platen press ca. 1885. Foot treadle powered.
    3. Vandercook SP15 proof press ca. 1955, ink delivery motorized. Hand crank.
    4. Vandercook #2 proof press ca. 1930, hand crank.
    5. Poco Proof Press hand crank, ca. 1920
    6. Craftsman Superior tabletop platen press, ca. 1930
    7. Japanese tabletop platen, ca 1948

    at home (here.say. press) I have a c&p old style pilot. pre 1911

    photos to follow

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