VOLUME 2. 2014


1. William Stafford

2. Terry Ehret

3. Anna Akhmatova

4. Eve Lott

5. Emily Brontë

6. Pat Nolan

7. Lewis Carroll

8. William Blake

9. Jane Kenyon

10. Paula Koneazny

11. Katherine Hastings

12. Betty Garrett


2 thoughts on “VOLUME 2. 2014

  1. I went to school with Paula Koneazny. Your WEB page came up when I was searching for info on her. What can you tell me about Paula’s writings. I was looking for some of her poems but can’t find anything.
    I and other of her classmates recently heard of her death. But there is no info out there. Is there any way you can put me in contact with someone who knows of her passing? Is there an obit I can read? I’ve been searching but can find nothing.

    Thankx……Paul Nicolai

  2. Paula died only a week ago, so I suppose an obituary is yet to be composed. She did however have a webpage, here: https://sites.google.com/site/paulagraphpress2/home
    where you can see her work. I was not a close friend, but we did share an interest in similar kinds of art & poetry, and I was fortunate to have worked with her to publish a few excerpts of her work in the PrintPoets series that you just found. She was clearly weak and struggling to get around and do things, but when we talked, was funny and profound at the same time. I was stunned that she died so soon after that…it was hard to accept after such a lively period going over her work in my shop.

    Hope you find out more soon that can be shared with her old classmates.

    Eric Johnson

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